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Our Core Focus

Acoustic Design

We have decades of experience designing speaker and microphone subsystems for many product verticals ranging from small consumer devices like phones, tablets, cameras, and headphones to larger devices like smart speakers and sound bars.

Audio System Architecture

We architect audio capture and playback systems involving chip and transducer selection and integration best practices from a mechanical, acoustical, and electrical perspective based on customer requirements and feature sets

DSP Tuning

We utilize DSP algorithms to enable user facing features such as far field voice recognition, full-duplex voice communication, Alexa and other voice assistant integrations, and speaker system optimization.

Electrical Design

We support clients with electrical design from napkin sketch and architecture through developing schematics, laying out PCB's, and eventual bringup of complex systems.

Embedded Software Design

We integrate audio and other peripheral IC's from well-known silicon providers into complex embedded systems with SoC's in a variety of operating systems.

What Our Clients Say


Sam Bowen

SVP Hardware Engineering

I have built and led in house audio teams many times over. External audio consulting groups don't normally come anywhere close to delivering the sound and performance you'd get from your own team and lab. Amplify Labs though nail it. They come from the industry; they understand the development process, hardware, acoustics, manufacturing and the challenges of building great sounding products. They are a great team to work with, as good as you can get.

Ryan Mchale

Systems Engineering Lead

Amplify’s team was easy to work with, friction free, and non-assuming. The entire process and project was delivered to our expected outcome within the committed to timelines... The transparency and forwardness in project estimations is far better that we have experienced with other vendors... Amplify has genuinely been a great partner... They positively reacted when presented with limitations on technology selection and worked to deliver solutions rather than build arguments of why it can’t be done. Amplify is in it to help you be successful.