About Us

The Team and Culture

We are a group that is passionate and excited about what we do and the prospect of growth and learning individually and as a team. We're lucky to be working with some amazingly collaborative, empathetic, and brilliant people.

How we got started...

Amplify Labs was formed September 18th, 2018 by our Founder and CEO Sagar Savant as an entity to work on engineering and design challenges from a variety of product types within consumer electronics. We've grown from a laser-focus on consumer audio hardware to working on automotive, medical, industrial, and core technology applications in just a short time. As the team grows, so does our expertise and interests. We are very excited about the plethora of opportunities in front of us and where this path leads... Want to join the adventure?

What motivates us


We aspire to be a valued and trusted partner to our clients and colleagues.


Our attention to detail and quality of work will be second to none.


We will be sustainable and intentional about growth and strategic interests.


We welcome the opportunity to learn individually and as a company every day.


Our clarity is reflected in understanding who is responsible, what is needed, and why in everything that we do.


We aspire to be proactive in anti-discrimination and inclusion throughout our business.

We're located in beautiful San Jose, California. In the middle of Silicon Valley; surrounded by startups developing cutting edge technology and Fortune 100 companies building the most ubiquitous products of our generation. We find ourselves in a very lucky and serendipitous situation to be able to collaborate with companies and individuals in all possible stages of a product or corporate journey.